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Open House

  Hi, this is Rich.  I'm so happy that you're thinking about coming to our "Open House" on 12/12/12.  Here's the quick and dirty details:
Date: 12/12/12
Time:  2:00pm - til ????  (but absolutely no later than sunrise)
Location:  Our Home at:  Fitchburg, WI 53711

Please do not park at the house.  The city of Fitchburg has seen fit to use our tax dollars to build a wonderful parking lot next door.  If not there, there's plenty more parking just across the street.  If you're going to need some sort of special accommodation, please get a hold of either me or Lisa and let us know.  See the map at the bottom of this page for parking (and more) information. It may also be helpful to download (and print) This nice map. It shows my house (leftmost one along the bottom edge of the map) along with the parking lots for the Library / City hall / etc..  It also shows the trails behind my house if you feel like exploring a little.

What's an Open House 
  Lisa & I decided that we would not be having a traditional wedding reception. While they can be fun, they are just a little bit too 'structured'  for our tastes.  We are simply going to "open up" our new home to everybody who wants to wish us well.  While we may have a 'cake cutting' there will hopefully be no Hokey Pokey, or some of the other goofball wedding things.  To us, that would be a chore, not enjoyable.  We just want to hang out with you.  My initial thought was to have a very simple genuine  "Open House" in which we simply open our doors and let everyone fend for themselves, but that was quickly vetoed.


Food & Beverage committee
  I was quickly informed that people like to eat and drink when they are invited to a celebration. "Easy",  I said, "we'll just ask folks to bring a 'dish to pass' ".  My logic was that we're not getting married in order to throw a party. We're doing it for our own reasons and if someone wants to join us and wish us well, of course they'll be welcome into our home, but don't expect to be fed.  After I announced this, I felt the world start to tremble and was made to understand that doing that may actually cause western civilization to fail....or something like that.  So, to save the world. I decided to roast a pig, so that no one shall go hungry.  I'm also planning on getting a keg of beer so that I can try out the "kegerator" setup I got this summer at a garage sale up in Minocqua.  The beer is on me. I'm a biker after all and while I don't really drink the stuff (unless I've just mowed the lawn or something similar)  it seems everyone I know really loves it, and after all, this IS Wisconsin.   I'll also probably fill a cooler with soft drinks and water so no-one should be in danger of drying out..  We have a couple bottles if wine in the house, but if you would like to bring a bottle of you're favorite wine, that would be great.  I myself am a pretty big fan of Jack Daniels whiskey, so there will be some of that around.  I'll be happy to share my Jack, and feel free to bring anything else you'd like. I'll make sure we have someplace to mix stuff up. 
Please don't overdo it and expect to either A) Drive or B) Stay at my house.  It's my wedding night, and no one besides me and my bride will be spending the night at The Lacy House. We'll get you a cab  (  (608)242-2000 ) and point you toward a hotel.

   There is not going to be a Band, DJ, Clown, Bouncy house, face painting or anything like that (probably).  There can be, however, music.  Along with the house,  I did buy a very cool old console Hi-fi. It doesn't do *.mp3 s, CDs, Cassettes, and while it is "8 track ready" and has the spot to install one, it looks like it was never upgraded.  What it does have, is GREAT, full, sound, and a four speed turntable that works pretty well.  So before you come, feel free to go into the backs of your closets and pull out the vinyl records that you would like to hear. Bring them with, and if you promise not to mess up my stylus, you can play them on it.  Lisa and I have already listened to a bunch of her old Beatles 33s and I've gone through about half of a box full of 45s I got at a garage sale.  None of them had sleeves and accordingly none of them (so far) have been listenable. So, bring along some vinyl LPs or 45s to play on my hi-fi!  I do have a PS3 downstairs.  That can be fun.

  Our wedding ceremony should be done by 12:30 in the afternoon or so, so I figure we can consider the Open House to start at 2pm. That should give Lisa and I enough time to get situated.  If you're not going to the ceremony and you get to the house, and no one's there.... Feel free to rake leaves, or shovel snow, or any general yard work you'd like.  We'll show up eventually.  If Lisa and I are delayed past 2:00, we'll have someone at the house to let you in.  I highly recommend checking out the wonderful Fitchburg Library if you show up early.  The upper level has some very nice adult reading rooms, and you can see our house from there.  After that, there is no set schedule.  At some point there will be roasted pig to eat.  I'm pretty sure there will be a cake of some sort to cut and hand out. If anyone wants to dance, they're welcome to do it. Whatever happens, is going to be organic.  The point is to have fun and enjoy meeting all the people from different walks of life that should be there.  Lisa and I have a very eclectic group of friends, which should make for a very enjoyable time.   

Here is a map showing ALL of the various locations.
To really feel like a local and know your way around, try switching to the "sat" (satellite) view using the buttons in the top right of the map. Don't forget to zoom in!.
You may also want to view (or download, or print) THIS GREAT MAP

Lisa & Rich's 12/12/12 12:12:12 Wedding