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 The Time & Date 
As per Rich's desire, everyone involved is going to try to organize it so that Lisa & Rich are Wed just after 12:12pm (twelve seconds after, of course) on the Twelfth of December Two thousand and twelve. He believes this will ensure (with at least 60% reliability) that he will never ever forget the date.  Both Lisa and Rich hope that as years go by and that date crops up every year, those who chose to be a part of it, recall the day with a smile.

Although the ceremony will be shorter than average, we aren't sure how long it will actually be.  We're still working out what we want to incorporate into it.  We anticipate it to be around a half hour.  We suggest you be at the Agrace chapel between 11:15 and 11:30. That should allow enough time for everyone to get settled and we can start the ceremony in time for the I DO's to be done at 12:12.   

The details of the ceremony have been finalized (See final bulletin below on this page) and the timing (we think) worked out so the "I do's" will be done at 12:12pm. 
The ceremony will start at 11:45.  If we get to the I do's before 12:12, hopefully someone will know some jokes, or have some juggling balls with them to entertain us while we count down to 12:12.  :-)
We have more people coming to the ceremony that originally anticipated, so there may be standing room only for some.  But not to worry.  The ceremony will be short.  Then we can all head over to the house for PIG! and other yummy stuff.



The Location
The ceremony will be performed in the stunning chapel of Agrace Hospice Care where Rich Volunteers.  Agrace is located at the end of a wooded trail that runs behind Lisa & Rich's home, less than a mile away. 

The address for Agrace is:
5395 E. Cheryl Parkway
Madison, WI 53711

While there is ample parking at Agrace, if the weather cooperates and there is no (or not too much) snow,  some people may want to save the parking spaces at Agrace for the friends and family of the Agrace patients.  You can do this by parking in the Fitchburg civic complex (Library, City Hall, Senior Center, Community Center) parking lot (right next door to Lisa & Rich's home).  Plus, if you happen to have a plug-in electric car, they have a couple charging stations in that lot. What luck! Once parked you can enjoy a breathtaking walk through the wide wooded trail that leads directly to Agrace.  It's less than a mile and will show another aspect of why Lisa & Rich worked so hard to make the Lacy house their new home. Plus, if you're planning on visiting Lisa & Rich after the ceremony, at their 'open house', your car will already be parked steps away from their home (We would like to keep the driveway at the house free of vehicles since the pig roast will need to be set up there). Lisa & Rich are literally the next door neighbors to the City of Fitchburg.  If that's all a little confusing, don't worry It's all shown in the map, just below.  Also you may want to take a look at this great map of the area. It has all the key features in it, including the Lacy House, and Agrace (although it's just labeled Hospice Care Center)


The Chapel
As you can imagine, the chapel at Agrace is often filled with feelings of grief and loss in addition to a certain type of joy.  Lisa & Rich are relishing the opportunity to bring a different kind of joy into the chapel on the Twelfth of December.  By no means will they be the first to be wed there.  Several other couples, with their own touching stories, have gone before them . However,  this may be the first wedding to be held in this little chapel in which both participants have the luxury of looking at a blank slate of their future on this Earth with optimism and love!  The choice of location is just another of the lovely contrasts that Lisa & Rich embrace in their lives, and hope to do so.....forever.

Conscidering that Rich will be wearing his normal attire of some sort of Denim pants, a shirt, and his "rags" (leather motorcycle vest), and Lisa will be stunning the crowds in her beautifull wedding gown, they hope that you will wear what ever it is that you find most comfortable and fitting. Come as you are! 

The Ceremony
After much back and forth, planning, mistakes, and wonderful online collaboration between the bride, the groom, and their steadfast officiant, the format of the Ceremony is finally finalized. Here is . (you can also download your very own copy to print and bring ---- by clicking here  )


Here is a map showing ALL of the varous locations.
To really feel like a local and know your way around, try switching to the "sat" (sattelite) view using the buttons in the top right of the map. Don't forget to zoom in!.
You may also want to view (or download, or print) THIS GREAT MAP

Lisa & Rich's 12/12/12 12:12:12 Wedding