The Victory Lap

   When Rich initially proposed to Lisa, there was no talk of any sort of honeymoon, they just wanted to be together; neither of them even thought about it.  After things really got rolling with the planning and preparing, they realized that shortly after their wedding they both had the same, large chunk of time off from their jobs.  They would be free from obligations to the world from December 22 until the second day of the new year.  Lisa's schedule, by nature of her business (and her little clients) is pretty unyielding.  So, to realize that they had over a week of time with nothing to do, mere weeks after their wedding, rang a bell in their heads.  Trip!  At first they toyed around with the idea of going to a resort type hotel, someplace fancy and relaxing, but they quickly realized that that can wait until they're old(er), and with the recent purchase of a new home, the finances just weren't there.  

   Almost every time Rich would tell Lisa another tale from his many years, living in many locations in California Lisa would reply by saying that someday she would like to take a trip there to see all of his old stomping grounds.  This is what made the decision for them that their 'honeymoon' vacation would definitely include Sunny California, a place Lisa had never been, and over the years, Rich had spent a quarter of his life.   So, California it was.   Having so many different location in California to see was also going to be a financial mess.  With airfare, hotels, car rentals etc.. this too initially seemed to be a doomed idea.  It was going to be too darn expensive.  

   As the list of locations in California was swelling, one of them was a funky motel at the Western end of the famous Route 66 in San Bernadino. The WigWam motor inn.  All of the rooms are shaped (on the outside) like giant tee-pees (or WigWams).  This would tie into their first (real) trip together where they drove the old Route 66 (as much original pavement as is still possible) from St. Loius ,MO to Flagstaff, AZ.  They left out Flagstaff to San Bernadino because that previous trip veered off at that point and went to the Grand Canyon (and home via a more northerly,  mountainous route).  And they left off the  Chicago to St. Louis  section because of time constraints and they figured it would be the most easy to do later on.  This conversation also rang a bell in their heads.  Road Trip!!

  The idea of a genuine, American style Road Trip was their perfect solution, so the planning began.  It ended up with a very ambitious, and destined to be challenging, trip, making a big counter clockwise lap (a Victory Lap) around the Western part of this awesome country, the USA.  They figure they'll do a lap of the Eastern part sometime in the future, when the sting of their time in the East has worn off a bit more.  They also figure that with several days of over ten hours on the road, this trip will either break them, or bond them forever, and it's best to find out right away :)

   This portion of the website will have all the information you could ever hope to have about their trip.  There will be a nice itinerary,  A map showing their planned route, and maybe even their actual location (technology, and Rich's aptitude with it permitting).  The happy couple has every intention of keeping a blog going of their travels, so check back often and follow their journey (or destruction).