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Ed Koranda

Ed is my oldest friend. I can't remember what year it was, but sometime in the seventies  the Korandas moved onto the 141st block of State St, in Riverdale, IL. My block. My brother and I somehow got wind of the fact that some kids our ages were moving onto the block and pretty quickly found ourselves in front of their place.  I honestly don't recall if this is something that actually happened, or if I just am remembering a made up story, but it feels like a real memory to me. The way I remember it, after hanging out there a while,  Ed and I (and my brother Matt and Ed's brother Mike) got into a scuffle which ended up with us being great friends.  The fact that I can't readily recall who "won" is not a good sign that I did, but, at least in my head, that scrap was called The "Fight to be friends"  From then until I went to one High School and Ed went to another, we were best friends.  Over the years  since then, Ed and I have gotten together here and there, for this and that.  Our lives have some interesting parallels. In my opinon there's no friends as tight as the ones you make in your childhood. I only wish I could hold on to all of them.