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Proposal (her version)

"Aunt Eleanore has invited us to early Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday Nov. 11th.  Do you want to go?  You're going to love Aunt Eleanore!"  Well of course I wanted to go and meet more of Rich's family.  Since we were heading Illinois way to Aunt Eleanore's on Sunday, Rich suggested we spend the Saturday before in Chicago.  Although I was already stressing about the prep for the move to the new house, a day in Chicago sounded great!  So it was agreed that we would leave early Saturday morning for Chicago.  Do the museums, do the skydeck at the Sears Tower, and stop by Navy Pier to ride the big ferris wheel.  The weather on Saturday, Nov 10th was amazing!  Couldn't ask for more.  Sunny-ish and warm enough to just wear a sweater.  We started out at The Museum of Science and Industry.  Fun, fun, fun.  From there, we went to The Palmer Hotel and checked in.  After some discussion with the manager about not being happy about being assigned a smoking room, we were upgraded and had a lovely room.  We dropped off all our things and walked over to the Sears Tower.  Because we had the City Passes, we whizzed past the line that would be waiting an hour and a half to get to the Skydeck to another line that wasn't near as long.  Awesome!  From there, we took a taxi to The Navy Pier.  There was discussion at the Sears Tower that maybe we would be able to catch the James Bond Skyfall showing at The Navy Pier.  I wasn't so thrilled with the idea of either rushing to the earlier show since it was starting right as we got to the Pier, or going to a midnight showing and having no time to relax in our lovely hotel room.  Plus, I knew Rich would want to get bright and early to hit another museum before heading out to Aunt Eleanore's, leaving little time for sleep if we went to the late showing.  So it was decided we would play it by ear and see what time it was after our ferris wheel ride.  So, we arrive at Navy Pier and get in the short line for the ferris wheel.  While in line we heard the ride was 7 minutes long.  Rich looked at the time and again mentioned we could probably make the movie.  Sheesh!  Yes, I want to see the movie, but not THAT bad.  Our turn comes to hop on the ferris wheel.  Being no fan of heights and things that may come apart and fall many, many feet to the ground, I wasn't too thrilled that the wind had really, really picked up and was whipping through the ferris wheel car we were in.  As I'm in the middle of a little anxiety attack, I realize Rich is sliding off the seat next to me.  What the heck?!  Now is when I need you next to me.  What are you doing?  Next thing I know, I have an index card in my hand (which I later found out had been printed with the type from his newly purchased 1900 printing press) and Rich is down on one knee in front of me.  I read the card.  The words are a bit smudged, but I can read them fine-- Lisa, will you marry me?  Oh my gosh.  Then I hear Rich's voice-- Lisa I love you.  Will you marry me?  (honestly, there may have been a couple more words or sentences in there, but that's what I remember, already being numb in the brain after reading the card)  Then he holds out a beautiful ring that he tells me has a dragon on it.  I reach for the ring to see it and the dragon, and he holds tight, not letting me have it.  "You have to say yes before you can have it."  Yes!  Oh my gosh.  I feel the ring go on my finger and then everything after that is a bit fuzzy.  I do remember saying "Oh my gosh" about a dozen more times though.  By now it's our turn to get off the ferris wheel.  We get off the platform, I say "Oh my gosh" a couple more times, then turn to Rich and ask him if he'd really go to Skyfall if we'd had time after he proposed.  "Yes."  Uh huh, that's the Rich I know and love. 
From the pier we start walking back to the hotel.  I say a couple more Oh my gosh's and just let Rich lead me across streets and through the lights and spectacles of Chicago.  Me hardly absorbing any of it.  Oh my gosh.  I remember Rich asking me if I wanted to stop and get a drink and me just wanting to just go back to the hotel and not be around a bunch of people.  Oh my gosh.  Then after walking a while, I actually started getting hungry.  So we decided to stop by a place called Rudy's for a bite and a drink.  It was a nice little bar and grill.  I remember having lots of conversation with Rich while we were there, but can I tell you right now what we talked about?  Not so much.  It may come back to me eventually.  I'm sure I said "Oh my gosh" a couple more times.  After eating, we made our way back to the hotel.  While there, I remember Rich saying something about fiance, wife or wedding, or all of the above.  Oh my gosh.  Oh my gosh.  Oh my gosh. 
Are a forever single, independent, biker guy who likes concerts and outdoor theater, who avoids all drama, and a full of drama woman, whose been married before, and has two adult children, plus up to 8 more in her home daycare going to be able to make it work?  The magic 8 ball might say, "It's decidedly so."  What do I say?  --  Oh my gosh!  You betcha!  

Side Story:
On a side note, Rich's surprise was almost let out by my father.  Dad has been having some memory issues.  So when Rich went over to talk to dad about him asking me to marry him, and Rich asked dad not to say anything about it yet, dad didn't remember.  So the very next evening, when Rich and I went over to my parents for dinner, dad says, "Aren't you the guy whose getting married?"  Rich was quick on his feet and explained to my dad that his cousin Eryn had just gotten married, so maybe that's what he was thinking of.  I was all confused, but really didn't think much about it, knowing about dad's memory issues.  However, after dinner, my mom and I got in the car to go do some shopping and she tells me that dad had told her yesterday that some guy had come over saying he was going to marry me in December.  Mom said she told dad he was remembering something wrong or got something mixed up.  I was starting to get suspicious now.  But Rich and I hadn't talked marriage at all, so I put it in the back of my mind.  Even at the art museum when I was looking at mood rings and Rich said, "Maybe I'll get you a ring later," I didn't make any connection.  He would sometimes get me fun little gifts and a mood ring would certainly fall under that category.  So even though I had a few bread crumbs of clues in the days preceding the proposal, I didn't connect them.  So when I saw that index card ... Oh My Gosh!