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How he met her

  Way back in the summer of 2008 I was enjoying my summer in one of the several ways I do, this one was by riding my motorcycle around the great country roads of  Wisconsin.  As often happens I found myself stopping at a little watering hole that I'd been to  many times before. It was the "Riley Tavern" near Riley, Wisconsin.  What they lack in naming creativity they make up for in beverages and good ole' Wisconsin bar food.  While I am as likely to be with other friends or by myself, this time I was with a handful of fellow bikers (motor not bicycle) and after we each taken possession of our chosen beverages, we wandered out on their deck to enjoy the day and relax before getting back onto those wonderful roads.  I wasn't out there two minutes when a lady came up to me and asked me if I regularly attend Madison's  "Concerts on the Square"  concerts. 
   In case you don't know, one of the wonderful Madison summer events are these  concerts that,  you guessed it, are right on the Capitol square in Madison.  Being a longtime lover of classical music I usually found time to attend these shows.  I always took pleasure in the way I attended. I would go by myself, on my motorcycle which unlike the minivans and SUVs was easy to slide between a couple cars parked around the square.  I would usually grab some KFC and show up just a few minutes before the beginning. Being by myself (and wearing my club vest) usually ensured I could weave my way among the blankets and snobs, right up to the front where I could enjoy the music and atmosphere.
   Anyway I told this lady "yes" I go to those all the time and we proceeded to have a nice conversation about the various art venues in and around Madison.  She seemed genuinely surprized when I mentioned I also get out to Spring Green to the American Players Theater to watch various performances of Shakespeare's  works.  I always get a kick when people are surprised to find a "biker" who is not the stereotype. Especially people who take pride in their "openness".  After my friends and I finished our food and beverages, I excused myself from the nice lady and back onto the road I went.
   A week or so later I was surprised to find a message for me on the web forum of my motorcycle club's website from this woman. She had successfully cyber stalked me.  It isn't an 'open' forum, so she had to go through the effort to set up an account in order to send me a message.  In it she asked if she could give my email address to a friend of hers. I said sure, and that was it.
  Another week or so later I got a message from a girl (who I'm about to marry).  She didn't even know my real name at that point, so she started her email "Hi ZigZag....".  Some people know me only as this name, which is what is called a "club name" It's just my nickname in my motorcycle club, the C.C. Riders.  In my reply I signed it as "Rich" so she could call me that.  I just think it's fun that the first time we communicated, she used my club name.
  We communicated back and forth over email for a while, but then things got quiet for almost a year.  While I was going over old emails I found hers and decided to rekindle the conversation, we had many fun discussions and I missed them.  Our correspondence picked right up where it left off.  After a while, however, I had an urge to meet this gal in person.   We had shared a lot of information with each other and I knew it was either meet or be forever pen-pals, so I asked her out.  She said yes and we agreed to go see the new movie Avatar.  We held hands in the  movie. It was swell.