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About the Bride

I am what you could call a Fitchburg-ian, having lived in Fitchburg Wisconsin (or very near) most of my life- minus a couple months in Alaska, a year in Waukesha WI, and a short stint in Schenectady New York.  I've run my own child care business, The Peanut Gallery, in Fitchburg for the past 20 years.  What's my draw to Fitchburg you ask?  The core of the desire to be in Fitchburg is my family, with the majority of my family being in the area.  Having been in the area so long, many of my friends and business associates stem from the area too.  I've left for short periods of time, but always come back.  There really is no place like home for me.

I have two children from a previous marriage.  Nic is 26 and Stephanie is 23.  Stephanie has her own daughter, Eva who is now 3 years old.  Both Nic and Steph live in Fitchburg.  In fact, they live just around the corner from my parents who still live in the house I lived in from 8th grade until I moved out after high school.  I also have a sister,Kelly, in Cross Plains, a sister, Kris, in Verona, and brother, Greg, who lives in Missouri. 
Although my base is in Wisconsin, I do like to travel.  A trip to Hong Kong broadened my friend base to people from all over the world!  Thank goodness for email and facebook, I'm able to keep in touch with these far away friends.   That's something that's important to me.

Family and friends are very important to me.  So is my business.  As I mentioned, I've been running The Peanut Gallery Family Daycare for over 20 years.  The daycare is more than my job, it's my passion.  I work with a mixed age group and an integrated group, always having kiddos with special needs in care.  It's a challenge!  But extremely rewarding.  Nothing is better than seeing a verbal child sign something to a non verbal friend.  Of one buddy getting his friends walker for her.  Or seeing a child whose been working on walking for a year, take a first step while all her friends cheer her on.  It's awesome.   My first group of kiddos are now in college!  Soon they'll have their own families.  Since I keep in touch with most of my previous daycare families, I'm hoping I get my previous daycare kiddo's babies in my daycare some day.

So, here I am, living in my house where I run my daycare.  Going about my daily routine.  Running my daycare.  Spending time with family.  Getting together with friends.  Just rolling along.  Then...the whirlwind of a man comes into my life.  We'll call him Mr. Adventure.  Mr. Adventure quickly showed me that life can be even more fun when you expand from your typical daily routine.  Mr. Adventure likes to live life to the fullest.  Every single day.  Not just when the daily routine permits.  For him the life living always comes first and the daily routine comes after that.  I got scooped up into that whirlwind.   You can read about it here