Hi, friends and family, it's so nice that you found your way here, to the website that will be all things: Lisa, Rich, and their wedding.   As you know, Lisa and Rich have made the decision to become wife and man!  

     The wedding ceremony, to be officiated by Rich's Aunt Kathy at a Chapel walking distance from their new home, should culminate seconds after noon on December Twelfth Two thousand twelve.    That's  12/12/12  12:12:12 in case you missed it.   
  Like a lot of other things about them, their wedding will not be overly traditional.  They strongly believe that this day is FOR THEM, yet they embrace the opportunity to share it with friends, family, and those that are both. Their intent is to not become overly involved in one day. They want to focus on ALL the days ahead of them.
    This is a team effort people!  We all have our roles to fill.  The first, and very important role, for you, is, if you are coming to the ceremony, or to the "open house" afterward, it's best if you RSVP.   There's no time like now, but make sure you know that the ceremony is in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week, near Madison Wisconsin!  Be sure to help out those people who may find the on-line world a little daunting, or if you need help just ask.  This site is not just to RSVP though, it has a lot of fun information about how Lisa & Rich met, who they are, and more.  There's also tons of wonderful photos of Lisa, Rich, and a few others mixed in.  Don't leave without checking them out.  Just like everything else on this site, simply use the menu items at the top to navigate around.
   Also, please be aware that this website will constantly be "under construction" so if there are some odd things, or empty pages, feel free to complain, it will keep everyone motivated to improve it. Also if anyone has any ideas to make it better, easier, or whatever, please don't hesitate to pipe-up and let everyone know.  A great place to do that is the comments section at the bottom of this page.
  This website is pretty easy to navigate.  Just put your mouse arrow over the blue texted menu items at the top of this window (by the branches), and click on the item that interest you.  Also the site is littered with links that will take you right where you want to go, for specific information.  Some of those links will open a whole new window, those are usually links that will take you to someplace other than wedding.richyaeger.com.   For example, if something about the officiant is mentioned, a persons natural inclination may be to want to learn more.  Unfortunately, the laziness of human nature will sometimes preclude people from moving their mouse pointer ALL the way up to the menus (by the branches at the top) and click on the Officiant menu item up there....So, the web designer will insert a hyperlink to take you directly there with only a click of the words in question, like officiant.
   This is the concept sketch of the ring Rich had made for Lisa. It was only picked up the day before he offered it to her, and it was completed only hours before that.
  The embellishment is a stylized Dragon.  Lisa has had a 'thing' for dragons since she was young. They are very special and important to her.  This is now the smallest one in her collection.
   Unfortunately the piece of string Rich used to  get her ring size must have stretched or something, because the ring is a bit too big.  No problem though, Bill Howard, the artist, is anxious to meet Lisa. 
   The dragon was crafted by goldsmith, and founder of the Howard Academy, Bill Howard.